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Each month, we raise money for a cause in San Pedro.
Our sister businesses, The Phoenix Resort and Wine de Vine, also participate in this monthly donation program.

In August, we're raising money to build a new library and literacy classroom at New Horizons Primary School. This addition will give the school a dedicated place for kids to read and for teachers to conduct literacy classes for the kids. Currently, the school does not have an indoor space for this. The cost of the project is $25K. To date, $15K has been raised. We hope to raise the remaining $10K.

1. Our customers donate.
2. We match all the donations and give 100% of the money collected, plus our match, to New Horizons Primary School.

In July, we donated $3,532 to DFC Eco Rangers, which is a group of kids in the DFC area who are cleaning up their neighborhood by picking up garbage, planting trees & flowers, installing & maintaining garbage bins, and repurposing trash into public art.

You can read about all of our previous months below.