Wine dinner - April 2nd

To prepare for the 5 course wine dinner we're hosting on Saturday, the B in I ❤ Belize is red for:

1. Bellus. As in, Jordan Salcito will be pouring Bellus Wines for the first time in Belize.

2. Beef. As in, we're serving 44 Farms tenderloin for the first time in Belize.

3. Bayou. As in, we're serving Louisiana crawfish for the first time ever in Belize.

4. Boo. As in, you deserve to be booed if you don't attend.

This event is another big step in bringing more world class people, wine, and food ingredients to Belize and we're thrilled for the opportunity to share this with you. And yes, crawfish is world class.

A handful of tickets still remain. Call Flor at Wine de Vine (226-3430) for details.