New and improved Playset!


February 2 - Monthly Donation Program Update: You helped us set a new fundraising record and we pick our February project.

New record: In January, our customers donated $1,771, which we match 100%. Guests of The Phoenix donated $540, which they match. So, the total funds raised for January is $4,622. That makes January 2016 our best fundraising month ever!

Good news: Alot of work has been completed on the Boca del Rio playset. The entire structure has been lowered. Broken boards have been replaced. The slide and climbing wall are safer for little kids now. The stairs are fixed. And we replaced 3 broken swings. Take your kids there to play. It’s great!

We’re going to sand and repaint the playset in the next week or two. We’ll let you know when, in case anyone wants to come out and help. 

The basketball hoops are in transit to Belize. We expect to install those in February.

February: now that the vendors have moved from Central Park, the old purple playset on the beach is an eyesore that serves only as a shelter for drunks. So, we plan to use February’s funds to remove or replace that playet and add some new play equipment for kids. Thanks for helping us make a difference in our community.