July 7. Don’t look now but the new police barracks are almost complete! Just a little bit left to do. We’ll share an update when the work is 100% done. A few things: 1) It’s not too late to donate. 2) You can see the list of donors here: http://goo.gl/pfTAq. 3) The last picture here is of the existing barracks, which will continue to be used since the new barracks can’t house the entire force. You can see that the existing barracks are in really bad shape & still need to be improved. 4) Since many have asked: the National Government has not yet contributed to this project, despite repeated pledges. 5) Whether it’s hotel tax or businesses tax or general sales tax - Government needs to start reinvesting the tax dollars from San Pedro back here on our island for healthcare, public safety, infrastructure, & education. Our community deserves better.