January - Fix up the Boca del Rio Park (continued)


Monthly Donation Program Update. We have good news, bad news, and we’re tired of some people being dirty and lazy and making our island look bad.

Good news: The work to rehab and repair the playset at Boca del Rio is underway. The plan is to lower the entire structure, to make the climbing wall, stairs, and slide less steep, to replace damaged/rotten wood, to paint the structure, to replace the broken swings, and to install 2 new basketball hoops.

Bad news: The rehab of the playset and the new basketball hoops is going to cost more than $5,000. For December, our customers and guests of The Phoenix donated $1,600, which we’ll match 100%. That means we’re up to $3,200 but we’re still short of our goal.

So, we’re going to continue raising funds for the Boca del Rio park in January. As usual, we’ll match all donations. If you have already donated, thank you for helping San Pedro!

PSA: Instead of complaining about the garbage, here are two things you can do to help: 1. Pick up the garbage around your home or your business. It’s infuriating and embarrassing to walk around town and on the beach and see homes and businesses surrounded by trash. If we have to start posting pictures of offending properties, we will. 2. Attend the weekly trash pick up in town on Saturdays at 8am.