November - Replace swings at Central Park AND donate to The Phoenix Resort's Annual Holiday Toy Drive


Monthly Donation Program Update. We have three observations - one about the world, one about kids, and one about tacos and cats. We also have a thank you.

1. The world really is full of kind, compassionate, and caring people. Thanks to the generosity of our customers and guests at The Phoenix Resort, we purchased and installed new swings at the park yesterday!

Now that the swings have been installed, November proceeds from our monthly donation program will be used to buy toys for the The Phoenix’s annual holiday toy drive that benefits kids in San Pedro. There’s still time to donate for November and, as always, we match 100% of all donations.

2. Kids everywhere in the world love swingsets. They don’t care about what the other kids look like, how they’re dressed, what language they’re speaking, or how their parents worship. They just want to have fun and learn stuff and play with other kids. We should all be more like kids.

3. Taco cat backwards is taco cat.

Thank you to everyone who eats here, stays at The Phoenix, or shops at Wine de Vine. As locally owned businesses, we know it is our responsibility to reinvest in our community and we’re able to do that because of your support.