September 23. Sushi Tuesday - new specials! Lots of talk recently about how to get more people here in September. Here’s an idea: let’s promote the September celebrations & how much fun they are. The unbridled joy & togetherness of all Belizeans on the 10th and 21st is unlike anything else here. Locals & visitors, people from all walks of life & all ages come together to celebrate Belize. No, September celebrations aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like music & dancing or parades & pageantry or you can’t stand people having fun (warning: may involve booty shaking), please don’t come. But, if you love Belize & want to have a blast celebrating our national pride, come visit in September. Yes, it might rain & you might see a mosquito but you won’t regret it. Know what else you won’t regret? The Joe Chung Scallops tonight.